Giveaways in JollyWoodEdit

JollyWood has giveaways regularly on the JollyWood's Facebook wall. Links seem to expire in a day or two. Thus, users need to collect them as soon as possible. The number of gifts given out may vary.

General GiveawaysEdit

Giveaways mysteryylloj

Mystery Ylloj

Mystery Ylloj Pack

  • Drops collectibles, leaves and energy
  • A poll will usually be held before the giveaway to ask what users want
Giveaways bonusstaff

Bonus Staff

Bonus Staff

  • Helps to staff facilities

Events-related GiveawaysEdit

The giveaways below are launched together with events celebrations. They usually have bigger prizes and will end with event celebrations come to a close.

Halloween mystery hallows ylloj

Halloween Hallows Pack

  • Treats
    • 7,777,777 Leaves
    • 777,777 Leaves
    • 777 Tree Points
    • 77 Tree Points
    • Halloween Collectibles
  • Tricks
    • 1 Tree Point
    • 1 Leave
Halloween mystery tricktreat ylloj

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Pack

Halloween giveaways prize ylloj

Halloween Trick-or Treat Packs & Halloween Prize Packs

  • Treats
    • 20,111,031 leaves
    • 3,110 Tree Points
    • 311,011 Leaves
    • 1,031 Tree Points
    • Halloween Collectibles
    • Energy Candy
  • Tricks
    • 1 Tree Point
    • 1 Leave
  • Prize Packs come from the Trick-or-Treat Packs
Oktoberfest celebrations 02-1

Mystery Okto Barrel

Mystery Okto Barrels

  • Grand prize: 1,000,000 Leaves
  • Oktoberfest collectibles
Mid-autumn giveaways mystery 2

Lantern Couplets Mystery Pack

Lantern Couples Mystery Pack

  • Lantern Couplets
  • Collectibles
Mystery funpack

Mystery Fun Pack

Mystery Fun Pack